Selena Gomez: Jennifer Aniston Gives Me “” Maternal Recommendations”” (AUDIO)

Selena Gomez opened up about her friendship with Jennifer Aniston in a new interview on Tuesday, noting the starlet commonly provides her maternal recommendations. The pop star told KTU 103.5 that she encountered Aniston at a friendly meeting through their shared management. Quickly, she invited me to her househellip; She has a pizza oven, like we made pizzas at her house, said Gomez, including, [Shes] extremely cool, really sweet. And she type of gives me a lot of maternal advice. Listen below.

Gomez was at theradio station to promote her new single, ExcellentHelpful for You, including A$ AP Rocky, and to likewise talk about her approaching cd.

As Gossip Cop reported, the singer said on Mondays On Air With Ryan Seacrest that her album was more than HALF done, and revealed it will hint at her split from Justin Bieber. I think theres suggestions of it, but I believe exactly what I was really excited about washellip; the renewal of Selena, said Gomez. Its simply beautiful. Its my possibility to simply feel like an independent artist, and I worked actually hard on ithellip; Its all about my journey. Its not about something certain. Listen below to hear Selena Gomez talk about her friendship with the maternal Jennifer Aniston, and inform us what you think.

Transfer News Recap: Monday’s Latest Gossip And Done Offers Including Sergio …

Morning all,

The weekend is over, Monday is here and West Hams season looks an awfully lot closer as their players return to training.Nevertheless, while Mondays

aren’t everybodies favourite day, we right here at Mirror Towers are already hard at work, preparing to bring you lots of juicy transfer news and gossip.Theres plenty to sink your teeth into turning up and therell no doubt be plenty to absorb ahead of the busy days and weeks to come. Well have all of it here, so don’t start anywhere.All aboard? Lets go …

The Ultimate ‘Chatter Lady’ Overview Of Living In NYC

With 121 episodes, 19 awards, and millions of audiences, the Chatter Lady phenomenon has captured our hearts because 2007. Though manythe majority of us can’t reasonably live the extravagant way of living these socialites do, the series has given us the within scoop on all the millennial hot areas, trends, and obviously, chatter. Whether youre a die-hard fan who based your life on ending up being Blair Waldorf or youve only seen a couple of episodes, checklook into these essential Chatter Lady tips for navigating the social world of New York City. XOXO!

[Chatter Woman by means of Facebook]

Houston Firecrackers Rumors: Buying Or Offering Chatter Ahead Of 2015 NBA Draft

As we approach the NBA draft, rumors abound for the Houston Firecrackers, as they do for every group.

Likewise, with every group and every offseason, you cant think everything you hear. There are some reports which are worth purchasing, some which deserve entertaining and some which are simply untrue.

Based upon the existing situations and rumors from credentialed reporters, both home and abroad, right here are three big things that Firecrackers fans must be concerned about and just how much stock they ought to take into different reports and speculation.

NHL Trade Rumors: Newest Chatter On Notable Players And Leads

Think the most gripping NHL action of the year ended with the Chicago Blackhawks raising the 2015 Stanley Cup? Think once moreReconsider, as the week of the draft has lastly shown up, and with it will come a reasonable amount of roster activity.

The draft is usually a huge time for general managers and front offices to make some of their greatest steps of the offseason, selectingdeciding to swelling large contracts in with promising prospects. For that factor, groups will certainly move lots of players around in the days and hours leading up to the draft as they start to fill their most gaping holes.

Take a lookHave a look listed below at 3 players who appear all but assured to see a change of surroundings very soonsoon.

Phil Kessel

The Shade Space Is More Than A Chatter Blog Site

At very first look, I thought The Shade Room was another online rumor mill. After interviewing its found and editor-in-chief Angie [who insisted her surname stay unidentified], I was happily mistaken. is an increasing online celebrity-entertainment news outlet. The site creates its coverage from neighborhood reporting. Bloggers or roommates send out breaking news into Angie and her editorial team, and The Shade Room shares it with their 600,000 readers.There is no other platform where the individualsindividuals have a voice to manage what increases and stayskeeping ups, Angie said. Angie, 24, is a first-generation American little girl of 2 Nigerian father and mothers. Oddly the current college graduate turned blog queen extraordinaire never wantedwished to end up being a blog writer. As she explained, At initiallyInitially, The Shade Space was a social experiment. After winning a screenwriting competition at Sundance Movie Festival, the then accounting significant pursued her dream of storytelling in movie. In her complimentarydowntime, she decided to develop an Instagram page for star and entertainment news. Thus, The Shade Space. Nevertheless what began as a modest Instagram page soon ended up being a leading celebrity-entertainment

news powerhouse. The Shade Room now reaches over 1.8 million people on Facebook and over 920,000 fans on Twitter and Instagram integrated. To state Angie is hectic is a litote. She is often messaging with her roomies and editorial group about story ideas or asking her

company manager about her next step. Shes the definition of Beyonc s song World Wide Woman; shes running a 24-hour news source where you can log on anywhere. The young business owner credits The Shade Rooms success to her small group and roommates.Honestly, its [the roommates]

blog, Angie said, They control it.The hard work of The Shade Spaces roommates was featured on The Wendy Williams

Reveals Hot Topics, TMZ and VH1s Love and Hip-Hop over this previous year. Like Angie information, the blogs facilities is dependent on community reporting. The company design is three-fold: The Shade Space supplies the platform, bloggers offer the news, and the readers provide the conversation. Recently the sites reporting has actually changed to more pushing topics than celebrity chatter. The stories highlight positive news and social concerns. Angie hopes this modification will influence marginalized neighborhoods. This adjustment comes as The Shade Spaces audiences taste changes. The exact same nimble approach is utilized for their social media handles.Its about fulfilling the individualsindividuals where they are, Angie said.After much testimonial, Angie and her group discovered they requiredhad to alter the way they shared news online.

As believed, their analytics reported their more youthful readers were on social networks apps like Twitter and Instagram while their 24-35 years old were finding their news on Facebook. The changes have actually enhanced their traffic tremendously. Aside from print and social media, the businessbusiness prepares to move into video production to present internet shows and a celeb interview series Step into the Shade Room on YouTube.I desire The Shade Room to be a source for all celebrity-entertainment news, Angie said. Undoubtedly Angies social experiment will certainly soon end up being the next significant source for all celebrity-entertainment. The Shade Space is more than chatter. Its a community-based news source where people can accept their honest opinion.

Google’s New Health Watch Will Keep Tabs On Clients’ Vitals

Google revealed a brand-new wearable today, though it wont be competing with the Apple Watch any time quickly. Developed by Google X (the companys advanced research study division), the experimental gadget is tailored specifically for medical research. It monitors not simply the users stats (consisting of pulse, heart rhythm and temperature level) but also ecological variables like light and noise levels too.

This gadget might be a boon to medical research study as it allows medical professionals to continually collect important data on their patients in real life conditions. Historically, physicians do everything– clients simply require to turn up at the trial site, Kara Dennis, managing director of mobile health at Medidata, informed Bloomberg. Now, were asking patients to handle significant responsibility in collecting info. Google prepares to partner with academic institutions to guarantee the gadgets precision prior to looking for regulative approval in both the United States and Europe later this summer season.

[Image Credit: Google]

Reaping The Health Perks Of Fasting Without Actually Fasting

The health benefits of calorie limitation are well recorded, but the reality of it for the majority of individuals is more challengingharder. Fasting, even intermittent fasting, can be hard on the body – and not all scientists are persuaded thatits advantages outweigh its side effects across the board. Now, a brand-new research by a group at the University of Southern California discovers that restricting calories for just 5 days from the month can have extensive impacts on cancer danger, heart conditioncardiovascular disease, swelling, and maybe even brain disease. And the results seem promising not only in yeast and in rodents, but in humans as well. Obviously, it still requires some more research study prior to we all take it up, however the results are assuring so far, and the FDA will evaluateits security shortly.

The group first tried a fast mimicking diet (FMD) in middle-aged mice: Twice a month they were provided a calorie-restricted diet for four days in a row. The remainder of the month they ate as usual. By the end of the study, the mice who were on the regimen lived longer, had much lower occurrence of cancer, inflammatory diseases, and less bone loss; they were also better at learning and memory jobs than control mice (who ate the very same quantity of total calories but progressively, without the calorie-restricted times). The FMD group likewise had evidence of cell regeneration, including bone, liver, brain, and body immune system cells.

Chris Brown Takes Royalty To Disneyland For Belated Birthday Celebration (PHOTOS)

Chris Brown offered child Royalty a belated birthday celebration at Disneyland on Monday. Inspect out the photos and video listed below!

As Gossip Police officer reported, the singers baby woman turned 1 in Might, simply a couple of months after he founddiscovered he was her dad. Royaltys mother Nia Guzman and her partner King Ba, who had been raising her as his own, threw her a party at Chuck E. Cheese in Texas, where they live. It was said at the time that Brown wasnt included, in part due to work dedications in Florida, and since he had actually wantedwished to host a Disney World celebration, a concept Guzman presumably shot down, although he was preparedwanted to fly her family out to Orlando.

However Brown lastly drew it off this week, inviting a few of his pals who have kids to join them for a day at the Disneyland Anaheim amusement park. The vocalist shared Instagram photos and clips revealing some of the activities they did. Brown and Royalty rode the Dumbo elephants, took a safari trip, and fulfilled Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

In one amusing video, Royalty is sleeping on Browns shoulder, and he jokingly shakes his head, stating, She cant even hang. The entertainer later composed in one of the snapshot captions, Thank you #DISNEYLAND for being so accommodating and revealing my child a great time. Love. Royaltys Disney party comes quickly after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West threw one for their daughter North, who, as Chatter Police officer reported, turned 2 earlier this month. See Browns see to the Happiest Location on Earth listed below!

Real Estate Mortgages For Terrebonne Parish: June 6, 2015

GMFS LLC; Mortgagor: Joanna L Breaux, Ernest J Breaux; Lot 12 Blk 4 Barrios Subd; $127,500; Entry # 1477293 on 4/2/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Debtor: Luke J Sedotal, Sarah K Sedotal; Lot 3 Blk 7 Albert Tone Subd; $107,000; Entry # 1477295 on 4/2/2015.

South Central Planning Development Commission; Mortgagor: JC Grand Properties LLC; Lot 6 Blk 2 Rome Commercial Park Subd; $21,335; Entry # 1477328 on 4/2/2015.

Crescent Home mortgage Co; Mortgagor: Megan M Lecompte, Cory J Lecompte; Lot 9 Blk 2 Ouiski Bayou Estates Subd; $246,100; Entry # 1477331 on 4/2/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Mortgagor: Brandon M Babin, Kami D Babin; Lot 12 Blk 3 Southgate Estates Subd; $281,742; Entry # 1477333 on 4/2/2015.

First South Farm Credit; Debtor: Lynette O Verdin, Evans P Verdin Jr; Sec 2 T18S R18E; $150,000; Entry # 1477335 on 4/2/2015.

Whitney Bank; Debtor: Southern Galaxy of Louisiana LLC; Lots 1, 2, 3, 6 7 Blk 26 City of Houma; $400,000; Entry # 1477342 on 4/2/2015.

Whitney Bank; Mortgagor: Southern Galaxy of Louisiana LLC; Lot 3 Blk 25 City of Houma; $400,000; Entry # 1477343 on 4/2/2015.

Southwest Financing LP; Debtor: Marie M Garcia, Francisco J Garcia; Lot 23 Blk 2 Plantation Gardens Subd; $111,219; Entry # 1477353 on 4/2/2015.

Synergy Bank; Mortgagor: Danielle Falcon, Blair O Kramer; Sec 11 T17S R16E; $174,160; Entry # 1477369 on 4/2/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Mortgagor: Angela T Lepeyrouse, Gerrin A Lepeyrouse; Lot 4 Blk 2 Mandalay Woods Subd; $38,000; Entry # 1477387 on 4/2/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Mortgagor: Joshua A Sapia, Jessica S Sapia; System 8 Elda B Byrd Home; $81,155; Entry # 1477388 on 4/2/2015.

JPMorgan Chase Bank; Debtor: Yajaira Diaz, Jose E Diaz; Lot 9 Blk 12 Wallace J. Thibodaux Estates Subd; $271,700; Entry # 1477409 on 4/6/2015.

Iberiabank; Mortgagor: Charles N Smith, Faye B Smith; Lot 9 Blk 6 Country Hollow Subd; $40,000; Entry # 1477421 on 4/6/2015.

Wells Fargo Bank; Mortgagor: Terry J Breaux, Patricia C Breaux; Sec 49 T17S R16E; $234,400; Entry # 1477425 on 4/6/2015.

Capital One; Debtor: Mark P Arceneaux, Adelyn D Arceneaux; Lot 3 Blk 6 Greenacre Estate Subd; $150,000; Entry # 1477430 on 4/6/2015.

Capital One; Mortgagor: Nicholas Cangelosi, Eunice L Cangelosi; Lot 176 Honduras Plantation Subd; $20,000; Entry # 1477431 on 4/6/2015.

Synergy Bank; Debtor: Options for Affordable Real estate; Lot 13 Blk 17 West End Subd; $147,000; Entry # 1477501 on 4/6/2015.

Flexibility Home mortgage Corp; Debtor: Fate A Goss, Jesse T Goss; Lot 8 Blk 20 Lisa Park Subd; $149,066; Entry # 1477524 on 4/6/2015.

Guarantee Financial Group LLC; Mortgagor: Caleb P Amedee, Leticia J Amedee; Lot 9 Blk 22 Holiday Park Subd; $115,000; Entry # 1477526 on 4/6/2015.

Assurance Financial Group LLC; Debtor: Holly J Boudreaux; Lot 19 Roddy Subd; $70,000; Entry # 1477552 on 4/6/2015.

Capital One; Mortgagor: Monica W Camille; Lot 24 Blk 9 James Buquet Subd; $119,200; Entry # 1477556 on 4/7/2015.

Assurance Financial Group LLC; Mortgagor: Henry W Dale, Charlotte S Dale; Lot 17 Blk 2 Williamsburg Subd; $237,975; Entry # 1477558 on 4/7/2015.

Synergy Bank; Debtor: A G Refrigeration Inc; Sec 97 T15S R16E; $230,000; Entry # 1477576 on 4/7/2015.

Nationstar Home mortgage LLC; Mortgagor: Dusty P Lyons; Lot 32 Blk 14 Broadmoor Heights Subd; $160,600; Entry # 1477593 on 4/7/2015.

GMFS LLC; Debtor: Erica B Babin, Kendall K Babin; Lot 16 Blk 12 Summerfield Location Subd; $183,200; Entry # 1477594 on 4/7/2015.

Quicken Loans Inc; Mortgagor: Holly L Romano, Ferrell A Romano Jr; Lot 9 Blk 11 Elysian Park Subd; $144,589; Entry # 1477600 on 4/7/2015.

JPMorgan Chase Bank; Debtor: Scot P Cavalier, Sherrie D Cavalier; Lot 30 Blk 1 La Cache Estates Subd; $110,157; Entry # 1477601 on 4/7/2015.

Eco-friendly Tree Servicing LLC; Debtor: Christopher M Michel, Jean L Michel; Lot 5 Blk 2 Westgate Subd; $164,500; Entry # 1477603 on 4/7/2015.

Comerica Leasing; Mortgagor: Baywater Drilling LLC;; $1,145,500; Entry # 1477604 on 4/7/2015.

Synergy Bank; Debtor: Michael P Himel Jr, Shanna L Himel; Lot on Bayou Terrebonne; $61,682; Entry # 1477651 on 4/7/2015.

GMFS LLC; Debtor: Christopher M Detillier, Heather H Detillier; Sec 11 T17S R18E; $329,000; Entry # 1477658 on 4/8/2015.

JPMorgan Chase Bank; Debtor: Tommy J Lirette, Dawn V Lirette; Lot 3 Blk 2 Bayouside Estates Subd; $234,800; Entry # 1477660 on 4/8/2015.

Leon Cox; Mortgagor: Daniel J Leblanc; Sec 61 T16S R14E; $105,000; Entry # 1477662 on 4/8/2015.

Assurance Financial Group LLC; Debtor: Laura Barnes; Lot 10 Blk 35 Summerfield Place Subd; $204,250; Entry # 1477674 on 4/8/2015.

Assurance Financial Group LLC; Mortgagor: Coby J Hebert, Angela P Hebert; Lot 22 Blk 5 Southdown West Subd; $154,600; Entry # 1477675 on 4/8/2015.

Crescent Home mortgage Co; Debtor: Christopher P Morris; Sec 31 T18S R17E; $154,400; Entry # 1477703 on 4/8/2015.

Gulf Coast Bank Trust Co; Mortgagor: Cierra C Johnson; Lot 3 Blk 5 Quality Estates Subd; $143,355; Entry # 1477705 on 4/8/2015.

First Guaranty Home loan Corp; Mortgagor: Beau A Hebert, Christy L Hebert; Lots 3 11 Blk 3 South Terrebonne Estates Subd; $136,650; Entry # 1477707 on 4/8/2015.

Assurance Financial Group LLC; Debtor: Blake Robinson; Lot 5 Blk 9 Daigles Location Subd; $142,577; Entry # 1477711 on 4/8/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Debtor: Nick Harris Customized Residences LLC; Lot 36 Blk 13 Wallace J. Thibodaux Estates Subd; $230,000; Entry # 1477712 on 4/8/2015.

Coastal Commerce Bank; Mortgagor: Robert M Thompson Jr; Lot 4 Blk 8 Sugar Mill Point Estates Subd; $857,621; Entry # 1477715 on 4/8/2015.

United Wholesale Home loan; Mortgagor: Kevin J Christen, Myra J Christen; Lot 7 Blk 5 Summerfield Location Subd; $149,600; Entry # 1477722 on 4/8/2015.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corp; Mortgagor: Mickey J Lajaunie Jr, Jamie A Lajaunie; Sec 26 T17S R16E; $222,000; Entry # 1477724 on 4/9/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Mortgagor: Rodney L Stewart, Jennifer H Stewart; Lot 1 Blk 1 Bayou Gardens Estates Subd; $54,000; Entry # 1477726 on 4/9/2015.

Capital One; Mortgagor: Melissa G Lofton, Dana W Lofton; Lot 9 Blk 9 Westgate Subd; $100,000; Entry # 1477738 on 4/9/2015.

Home mortgage Factory Inc; Debtor: Jordan A Boudreaux, Tara M Boudreaux; Lot 6 Blk 6 Presque Bayou Estates Subd; $245,471; Entry # 1477745 on 4/9/2015.

Quicken Loans Inc; Mortgagor: Melinda C Donovan, Glenn G Donovan; Lot 1 Blk 14 Honduras Addition; $104,000; Entry # 1477749 on 4/9/2015.

Areas Bank; Mortgagor: Amy R Pineiro, Puddin R Pineiro, Frank J Lanzetta, Jack J Pineiro Sr; 1/2 of Lot 29 Blk 5 Jastremski Addition; $30,000; Entry # 1477751 on 4/9/2015.

Franklin American Home loan Co; Mortgagor: Morris A Soudelier Jr; Sec 4 T16S R16E; $194,000; Entry # 1477756 on 4/9/2015.

Schlumberger Employees Credit Union; Debtor: Victor B Ngoma, Claude B Ngoma; Lot 4 Blk 7 Westgate Subd; $327,750; Entry # 1477772 on 4/9/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Debtor: Dirty Boat Properties LLC; Lot 12 Blk 4 Ja Don Heights Subd; $132,388; Entry # 1477784 on 4/9/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Debtor: Brandon J Hebert; Lot on Highway 55; $158,400; Entry # 1477787 on 4/9/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Mortgagor: Roberto F Romero; Lot 2 Blk 27 Margaret Place Subd; $20,000; Entry # 1477789 on 4/9/2015.

Synergy Bank; Debtor: Thomas R Verdin; Lot 31 Blk 6 Wallace J. Thibodaux Estates Subd; $150,000; Entry # 1477791 on 4/9/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Mortgagor: Lola C Dufrene, Archie A Dufrene;; $256,000; Entry # 1477849 on 4/10/2015.

Franklin American Home loan Co; Debtor: Cindy L Chauvin, Paul L Chauvin; Lot 37 Blk 13 Wallace J. Thibodaux Estates Subd; $95,000; Entry # 1477851 on 4/10/2015.

Kayla P Guise, Iberiabank Home loan Co, Lawrence J Guise; Lot 20 Blk 2 Westgate Subd; $247,000; Entry # 1477883 on 4/10/2015.

United Wholesale Home mortgage; Mortgagor: Timothy M White; Lot 6 Blk 1 Sugar Mill Manor Subd; $180,975; Entry # 1477885 on 4/10/2015.

American Southwest Home loan Corp; Debtor: Jesse J Foret; Lot 9 Blk 9 Mulberry Gardens Subd; $253,408; Entry # 1477887 on 4/10/2015.

Crescent Home mortgage Co; Debtor: Pamela S Hillside, William D Hill; Lot 9 Blk 3 Southland Woods Subd; $281,600; Entry # 1477889 on 4/10/2015.

GMFS LLC; Debtor: Ashley F Hanna, Luke D Hanna; Lot 9 Blk 3 Engeron Subd; $119,897; Entry # 1477891 on 4/10/2015.

Vanderbilt Mortgage Finance Inc; Mortgagor: Ryan P Pecoraro; Tract 3 Andrew Blanchard Equipment; $68,535; Entry # 1477895 on 4/13/2015.

JPMorgan Chase Bank; Mortgagor: Daniel P Dietrich, Nicole M Dietrich; Lot 10 Blk 7 Lot 10 Blk 9 Vacation Park Subd; $156,750; Entry # 1477897 on 4/13/2015.

First National Bank of Central Texas; Mortgagor: Northstar Offshore Group LLC; Numerous OCS Leases; $N/A; Entry # 1477912 on 4/13/2015.

Southwest Financing LP; Mortgagor: Titus J Verdin; Lots 22 23 Blk 6 Clear View Heights Subd; $122,735; Entry # 1477922 on 4/13/2015.

Guarantee Financial Group LLC; Debtor: Denise G Landry, Dale J Landry Jr; Sec 18 T18S R17E; $105,000; Entry # 1477928 on 4/13/2015.

Guarantee Financial Group LLC; Mortgagor: Theodore P Szelewski, Rachel M Szelewski; Lot in City of Houma; $157,003; Entry # 1477977 on 4/13/2015.

Wells Fargo Bank; Debtor: Joann G Blanchard, Daniel P Blanchard Sr; Lot 11 Blk 1 Destiny Location Subd; $N/A; Entry # 1477980 on 4/13/2015.

South Central Planning Development Commission; Mortgagor: Tammy A Gaston, Cajun Mans Swamp Tours Adventures LLC, Billy J Gaston; Lot 8 Blk 32 Summerfield Location Subd; $80,000; Entry # 1477981 on 4/13/2015.

Vanderbilt Home mortgage Finance Inc; Mortgagor: Tamara D Fox, Nathan M Fox; Tract 7 Andrew Blanchard Equipment; $66,714; Entry # 1477989 on 4/13/2015.

Coastal Commerce Bank; Mortgagor: Steven M Gremmillion, Susan C Gremmillion; Lot 24 Blk 7 The Lakes Subd; $300,000; Entry # 1478006 on 4/13/2015.

Intertrust Mortgage LLC; Debtor: Clark A Carlos, Catherine M Carlos; Lot 2 Blk 4 Sugar Mill Olde Towne Subd; $295,200; Entry # 1478008 on 4/13/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Debtor: Betty S Quave, James Q Quave; Lot 7 Acreage Estates Subd; $75,000; Entry # 1478010 on 4/13/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Mortgagor: Phillip J Pellegrin; Sec 62 T16S R17E; $20,700; Entry # 1478034 on 4/13/2015.

South Louisiana Bank; Mortgagor: Lance M Pitre, Terry T Pitre; Lot 27 Coastline Heights Subd; $30,000; Entry # 1478035 on 4/13/2015.

United Wholesale Home loan; Mortgagor: Ross J Martin, Aubrey K Martin; Lot 4 Blk 5 Terra Walking stick Heights Subd; $264,127; Entry # 1478038 on 4/13/2015.

Iberiabank; Debtor: Joseph J Little Jr, Wanda C Little; Lot 6 Blk 6 Southern Estates Subd; $163,000; Entry # 1478047 on 4/14/2015.

GMFS LLC; Mortgagor: Shaun C Lucas, Amanda L Graham; Lot 7 Blk 1 Southdown West Subd; $229,500; Entry # 1478049 on 4/14/2015.

Capital One; Debtor: Michael R Majerus, Jan S Majerus; Lot 6 Blk 17 Bayou Gardens Subd; $25,000; Entry # 1478054 on 4/14/2015.

Capital One; Debtor: Roy A Bourg, Donna L Bourg; Lot 3 Blk 31 Summerfield Place Subd; $40,000; Entry # 1478055 on 4/14/2015.

Liberty Bank Trust Co; Mortgagor: Kropp Bond LLC; Lot 8 Blk 61 Newtowns Addition; $N/A; Entry # 1478062 on 4/14/2015.

GMFS LLC; Debtor: Stacy T Henderson, Jason C Henderson; Lot 10 Blk 1 Cadiere Park Heights Subd; $137,600; Entry # 1478086 on 4/14/2015.

Whitney Bank; Debtor: Edward J Hebert Jr, Rebecca B Hebert; Lot 27 Fishermans Retreat Subd; $299,000; Entry # 1478097 on 4/14/2015.

Iberiabank Mortgage Co; Debtor: Jacob A Foret; Lot in City of Houma; $100,000; Entry # 1478099 on 4/14/2015.

Coastal Commerce Bank; Mortgagor: Keith A Cologne Jr; System 74-B Boudreaux Canal Subd; $29,125; Entry # 1478101 on 4/14/2015.

First American Bank Trust; Mortgagor: Kirt M Loupe; Lot 13 Blk 1 George Williams Subd; $45,000; Entry # 1478102 on 4/14/2015.

Coastal Commerce Bank; Debtor: Jade D Oliver, Nicholas R Oliver; Lot 8 Blk 9 Allemand Subd; $229,925; Entry # 1478122 on 4/14/2015.

Iberiabank; Debtor: Laurie D Bergeron, William J Bergeron; Sec 86 T15S R16E; $84,000; Entry # 1478166 on 4/15/2015.

Iberiabank; Mortgagor: Paula P Poirrier; Lot 10 Blk 25 Daigles Location Subd; $25,000; Entry # 1478167 on 4/15/2015.

PMAC Loaning Services Inc; Debtor: Courtney L Arceneaux, Mark P Arceneaux; Lot 21 Blk 2 Greenacre Estate Subd; $235,733; Entry # 1478174 on 4/15/2015.

JPMorgan Chase Bank; Debtor: Angela Cooper; Lot 5 Blk 6 Mulberry Gardens Subd; $171,802; Entry # 1478175 on 4/15/2015.

Integrity Bank; Debtor: Andrew T Sledge; Lot 29 Blk 13 Summerfield Place Subd; $203,447; Entry # 1478211 on 4/15/2015.

Synergy Bank; Mortgagor: Teresa M Fazzio, Mario S Fazzio; Tract 12 Mahler Campsites; $116,848; Entry # 1478213 on 4/15/2015.

Synergy Bank; Debtor: Keith L Leblanc; Lot 18 Blk 5 Jolie Oaks Subd; $140,000; Entry # 1478225 on 4/15/2015.

American Southwest Home mortgage Corp; Debtor: Jordan N Verdin; Lot 10 Blk 7 West Park Heights Subd; $170,408; Entry # 1478232 on 4/15/2015.